Since 2005, the Scholarships Program has been supporting Jordanian students who lack the means and opportunity to pursue their higher education abroad. Offered in the name of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, the program provides a variety of scholarship schemes to students who thrive to expand their knowledge and improve their prospects in the job market. 

The program currently offers a total of 13 different scholarship schemes to students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, mainly in the fields of Education, Development, Public Policy, Economics, Business Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Rights and Human Development and other fields falling under the ‘creative’ industries.

To date, around 100 Jordanians have benefited from our Scholarships Program and to some the opportunity granted was a turning point in their lives. 

Scholarships are currently available at the following universities and for the indicated educational level:

1. Chevening Scholarships (United Kingdom)

2. The Instituto De Empresa (Spain)

  • Mater in International Management
  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Advanced Finance
  • International MBA
  • Global Executive MBA
  • Global MBA

The Scholarships Program operates on an equal opportunity basis and scholarships are granted on merit. To ensure transparency, the program adopts a rigid selection process that falls in line with the universities’ procedure.

  • Candidates must apply directly to the university, making sure they meet the admission requirements set by the university.
  • The university undertakes a preliminary screening of applications and prepares a list of the selected candidates.
  • The Program interviews the shortlisted candidates through an external interview panel. Students are interviewed based on a set of criteria that assesses interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • The Program presents the recommendations from the interview panel to the university.
  • The university selects the final scholarship recipient in consultation with the Program.
  • The Program follows up with the scholarship recipient after selection and throughout the duration of his/her study abroad.
  • Once students are selected, they are requested to sign a contract by which they commit to the duration of the scholarship and to returning to Jordan. The program, as part of its support services, will assist graduates, upon their return, with finding jobs or internship placements.


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